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Pushkar FairMewar has always been regarded as the land of poignant traditionality and Rajputi sobriety, which makes it a much written about and photographed place in Rajasthan, India. Mewar located in the Aravalli heights is a cold place, much different from the rest of an arid and dry Rajasthan. The Mewar festival as a key fair and festival in Rajasthan, India, is in a class apart from the rest of the travel jamborees undertaken by tourists.

A tour to Mewar festival would include, a visit to Udaipur, which is the place of celebration of Mewar festival and the birthplace of Maharana Pratap, the warrior king of Udaipur. The Mewar festival, as a primal fair and festival in Rajasthan, India has a celebratory run parallel to the famed Gangaur festival. Similar to the deities worshipped during the course of Gangaur, Mewar festival also entails adherence to the same set of idols, which after a long and frothy procession are immersed in the Pichhola Lake with royal accompaniment in big wooden boats.

The Mewar festival like other fairs and festivals in Rajasthan, India is the hotbed of incessant activity and the attendant fun and frolic. The Mewar festival culminates with a dazzling firework display to cap the cultural feast in this royal fair and festival in India as a tour to Mewar festival would reveal. A tour to Mewar festival is also known for its characteristic verve and infectious enthusiasm. The best way to reach Udaipur, the center of all activity, is through Chetak Express, which is named after Mahrana Pratap's slain horse Chetak, with Mahrana Pratap being the nationally recognized hero of Rajasthan.


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